From 1999 Paul spent 20 years founding, establishing and running a start up into an Times Fast Track 100, award winning global retail creative organisation, offering the world’s lead- ing fashion brands a complete solution to their visual needs.

Experienced at growing businesses Paul achieved substantial growth by flexing marketing and sales strategies to maximise differing business cycles over the past 20 years.

With offices throughout the globe Paul developed a highly sophisticated supply chain in Asia, Europe and the Middle East, while developing multiple satellite sales offices across the world to service his blue chip clients.

Since selling the business in June 2019 Paul has been consulting and helping many of his retail clients reinvent themselves in the current challenging environment as well as guiding and mentoring founders and their start ups in the unpredictable and tough world of business.




The global health crisis and ensuing recession have caused significant challenges to the retail industry.

During lockdown e-commerce became practically the only stream of revenue for apparel and accessories retailers. While many were already looking to grow their direct businesses the pandemic created a new urgency for pivoting online. Shoppers who were not accustomed to buying sweatpants and toiletries on their laptops a habit that will likely stick.

The acceleration of e-commerce combined with long-term changes in consumer behaviour is forcing retailers to re-examine the role of physical stores. Consumers today need ever compelling reasons to go out and shop when everything is available online at home.

Retailers no longer need prodigious fleets of stores in order to reach the shoppers.

To survive and standout vendors and retailers must understand the multichannel nature of today’s consumers which will allow retailers to then redefine the purpose of the store or fleet of stores.

The modern store doesn’t just exist facilitate transactions but to allow customers to engage with products, develop loyalty, spread brand awareness, and offer memorable experiences, as well as serve pragmatic functions such as online distribution and fulfilment capabilities. It’s an opportunity for brands to showcase not only their products but also their values and sense of ascetic. 

Stores must be treated as marketing opportunities as well as market places.

Stores remain an integral touch point and still more valuable than e-commerce and is still the most important touch point between consumer and product the right interaction could create a lifetime of loyalty.

The physical store of the future is a non-stop, running advertisement for what makes a brand unique.

That’s where I come in. This is a challenging time for retail and I’m working with many retailers directly to help them with their various challenges. Whether it’s sourcing, pivoting, growth, strategic marketing or just commercial, I’m on hand to help using my 30 years plus experience in this space.

Taking my valuable mix of passion, leadership in depth market knowledge I’m dedicating my commercial activities to helping retail founders and establish retail brands to understand, grow and flourish and build retail back into the UK is what I’m focusing my time on. Please let me help you.


Why Choose Me for you?

I will work alongside you to fully understand how your business operates, help you cut through the noise to identify the critical issues

I can help propel your business forward regardless of your company size.

I will help you to identify the key areas of your business that are holding back further growth and help you develop those areas that will promote growth,as well as helping you to generate more leads to achieve your business goals ultimately make more money

This is regularly reviewed and revised ongoing basis with you.


It can be lonely out there is a CEO or a founder of a company

I will meet with you regularly and track the commitments made during the previous coaching session

I will keep you focused and motivated on the end result and remind you what’s important

I’m a  trusted supporter and a candid critic a friend and a mentor.

A sounding board  holding a mirror in front of you, highlighting any blind spots.

I have Real-world experience across a number of sectors.


Running your own business means working on your mind set on a daily basis.

Business as with life throws curve balls at us every day.

I can help with a mixture of physical,mental and spiritual habit building to assist with confidence and mindset, something I practice on a daily basis.

Whether it’s helping you process a situation, by running something past me, using my experience and judgement, or just knowing you are covering last months issues and list of actions at an upcoming meeting forcing you to work on the business not just in it, having me there is key to remain accountable.

Or as friend and mentor to help motivate and build your confidence back after a particularly hard week.

I will give you the edge and the extra inches to win.

How do I work with you?

Though regular one to ones and phone calls I will first just listen to you and understand your issues.

Then develop a bespoke plan tailored around your circumstances which we will adjust as we progress and issues are solved and positive results start to happen.

I look forward to being part of your exciting journey.

Please contact me on….


I recently completed the 5 Day Business Bootcamp and wow! The amount of info that I learned in the 5 days is astonishing. Paul has put a great deal of heart, time, and energy into making this the most jam-packed, innovative, and helpful way to help business owners think about various aspects of running a successful business. Over-delivering is an understatement for all that Paul shares with you when you show up for the boot camp! Thanks Paul for sharing your knowledge, I am going to pay it forward and share this with all that will listen.!
Cindy Tan FCCA
Sometimes fate puts us in touch with brilliant individuals. I met Paul early in 2020, pre pandemic, and met a kindred spirit - passionate about retail and the changes needed on our high streets. We have ventured into new territories and innovations and these have led to many interesting conversations, real opportunities and surprising initiatives. Paul’s positive view on the world of retail is refreshing and a real catalyst for change - get involved in retails reinvention!
Jim Thompson
Managing Director at 20.20
What is refreshing about Paul is that he is massively experienced in a sector, the retail sector, which changing by the moment. Paul uses that exclusive knowledge unselfishly. He does not go around preaching 'this is how it used to be and thus should be'. His positive approach is based around: "Been there, listen to what happened, now let's see what we can do better - using the most appropriate tech'. Work with Paul and you will sales move in the right direction.
Michael Horesh
Head of Israel, Vintro
Paul helped Modus develop and execute our retail strategy. He is incredibly knowledgeable about the retail sector and also took time to learn in great detail about how data analysis can be applied in the modern retail environment. He is highly skilled and equally hard working, and I couldn't recommend highly enough.
Tim Shaw
Board Member
The past two years have been tough for any business. So how have I gone from being a one-man-band business to now employing staff? From working in my front room to moving into offices in central London from the end of Q2 Hitting my 12-month target is eight weeks. Expanding my client base worldwide. Consistent 20% growth each month. Most notably me running the business, and the business is not running me. Simple, Paul Brooks is my business coach.
Nick Othen
Triple 888 SEO
Paul’s outstanding expertise and knowledge of the retail market is impressive and has been a large factor in helping me navigate the unknown territory I found myself in whilst setting up my new retail business. Not only that, his commercial experience in founding, running and growing businesses has meant I’ve had the comfort of knowing I’m in very safe hands from the start right the way through the process. His support and help has proved invaluable to me and my partners plus every recommendation he has made has been a winner!
Nicholas Lazarus
Co-Owner & Managing Director at Content Creator Studios
I have been working with Paul and he is amazing! I needed some clarity and advice about how to develop a specific part of my business and Paul really got it, and helped me with a brilliant solution and starting point. I am now working on implementing what we discussed and am already seeing positive results. What I love most about how he works, is I know he really took the time to understand MY needs, and there is no set formula because we are all different. He listens, advises and helps. I would highly recommend him!
Holly Small
Thank you Paul @Lilyblue for taking your time to provide a much need guidance for my business. My business is in the early stages and I myself was not sure what I was doing with it and how to truly launch it. Your advice was truly on point. You gave me the confidence I needed to proceed and organised my thoughts. You had the patient to listen to my story and help show me how to build that through my brand on social media. A couple of day after our session a friend commented that she had seen a big change on my social media presence and the number likes and comments increased. All this was achieved just after an hour session with Paul. He still messages with things that could benefit my business. One advise that I am still struggling with is getting out of bed early to ‘’win the day.’ I will surely be taping into his coaching skills more in the future and will be delighted to recommend him. @EdnaandChi
Chi Obang-Oyway
Private Client Solicitor


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